day 027-031 page 095-108

May 13, 2011

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Wow, who would've thought... I eventually became a little tired of daily blogging - surprise! It's still a personal record for me - I haven't ever blogged this frequently.
But then again, I haven't ever uploaded so much junk xD
So here's a catch-up on the last 5 days!
...aaand another personal record:
I filled this sketchbook here in exactly 31 days! CHEERS!
Usually, I carry a sketchbook for about half a year around with me. Really.
So... yeah. Wow. Not bad.

day 027 . 08 May 2011 . page 095-096
More curious hairstyles (in addition to these and this) - it's a small project I also finished these days and will be posted. Maybe.

day 028 . 09 May 2011 . page 097
30 seconds drawings

day 029 . 10 May 2011 . page 098-101
pastel junks and randomness strikes again!

 day 030 . 11 May 2011 . page 102
errr... ya. I was occupied with other stuff and was unable to fill this page otherwise. Sad, huh. :D

 day 031 . 12 May 2011 . page 103-108
I admit I really wanted to fill my sketchbook yesterday since there were only these few pages left.

 ... last but not least ...
very first and last pages

 and now...
off to a new beginning/sketchbook! :D


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