day 026 page 092-094 + my messy desk muahahaa

May 8, 2011

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day 026 . 07 May 2011 . page 092-094
Only a few blank pages left in this sketchbook here - it's good that I'm getting a new one tomorrow ;)
I feel so motivated right now. No idea why - I felt really down just a few days ago. 
But right now... I feel so good and happy and (kinda) energetic!
Which is good timing 'cause I'm beginning to run out of time - a little.

08 May 2011 . my... workplace
Now, doesn't this just look lovely?
I have a huge desk.
It's two times larger than the one I used to have many (many) years ago.
My conclusion: a desk can never be too large.
Oh what a mess... and I'm living in this mess. I have been living in this mess for weeks now.
 I really gotta tidy this up tomorrow...
black&white photo.
 it makes it look a little... less messy.
a little.
or rather I like to think so :D


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