April 30, 2011

A birthday post again! :D
This time dedicated to sweet Lila ❤
Happy 18th Birthday !!
...mensch, ich kann nicht fassen, wie schnell das ging. Jetzt bist du auch schon volljährig! 
Hoffentlich hattest du einen schönen und entspannten Tag heute - stress dich nicht zu sehr, Liebes. Abi ist halb so wild - aber das haben wir dir ja schon ein paar Mal gesagt ;D
Ich hab dich sehr sehr lieb, meine Kleine ❤ (verzeih, aber so schnell wirst du das glaub ich von unserer Seite her nicht los xD nicht bös gemeint, ne *knuff*)
Ohne dich wär so vieles anders gekommen, ich hätte viele Leute erst gar nicht kennengelernt und auf jeden Fall eine Menge Spaß und tolle Momente verpasst. Von daher bin ich sehr froh dich als Freundin zu haben - auf noch viele weitere Jahre! :D 
Sorry, dass wir vor allem in letzter Zeit nicht viel miteinander unternehmen konnten - wird nachgeholt!
Hier ist erstmal eine Kleinigkeit für dich - ist nur eine kleine und schnell computercolorierte Skizze, doch ich hoffe, es freut dich trotzdem etwas ❤
Eine ausgearbeitete Version bekommst du, sobald das ganze Mappenbla vorbei ist >_<


just for fun as usual: original scan + colour layer in PS

day 018 page 066-069

day 018 . 29 April 2011 . page 066-069
two quick charcoal sketches (one good-slash-ok, one failure), lovely Donna playing piano, random faces + cucumber jam for brilliant Pinky ;D

day 017 page 062-065

April 29, 2011

day 017 . 28 April 2011 . page 062-065
Yesterday was a real hardcore drawing/painting day with Donna. 
We almost had no break and... omg how can drawing/painting all the time be this tiring? When we awoke this morning we felt like all strength had left our bodies... We were so dead tired.
I'd say four sketchbook pages, two A4 drawings, one A4 painting and one A4 WiP sketch can be called a successful and productive day :D
Photos of said drawings and paintings are coming... tomorrow. Forgot to take those pictures and am too lazy right now :P
So, only sketches from my sketchbook!
I was mostly messing around, but... ya, that's what sketchbooks are for  ❤

day 016 page 060-061

April 28, 2011

day 016 . 27 April 2011 . page 060-061
Two colour studies with pastels - used screenshots from "Across The Universe" as reference. 
...love it ❤ it's a little weird, but all in all great music, beautifully shot and nice storyline.
But then again I'm totally into musicals and haven't come to dislike even one I've seen or heard so far.
I wanted to add some details and correct Lucy's face, buuut I'm running out of time and gotta go D:
See ya! 

square acrylic junks

April 27, 2011

day 015-016 . 26-27 April 2011 . 10 junks
I've been messing around with acrylics yesterday and today - mostly today.
All those blue ones are or were supposed to tell some short random story about a stone and whether objects have a "soul" of any kind. ....errrr well. 
Not sure whether I'll still add the text and stuff.
It was fun doing these junks - I'm slowly getting the hang of palette-knives :D
...crappy photos. Oh whatever.
They're all 15 x 15 cm btw. Small and cute. Yup. 

day 015 page 058-059

day 015 . 26 April 2011 . page 058-059
two (failed) experiments.
another post is following in the evening with some WiPs/junks/whatever.
Something that looks better than this here. Maybe :D

day 014 page 054-057 + junk

April 26, 2011

day 014 . 25 April 2011 . page 054-057
randomness strikes again.

day 014 . 25 April 2011 . junk
experiment. junk. scrap. randomness². call it whatever ya want.
I was just messing around.

oh this all looks so bad... yesterday certainly wasn't my best day.
...ok enough talk, let's move on.  

day 013 page 046-053

April 25, 2011

day 013 . 24 April 2011 . page 046-053
Honestly, I might have only done those first two very random pages yesterday, if I hadn't promised Donna (thanks for coping with me even when I'm moody ❤) to try out catching different moods with a feather.
I kinda like the pastel sketches, but it still doesn't look fluffy and feathery enough yet.
The copic sketches are simply failures OTL the first one isn't as bad as the last one though.
Oh well... |D

day 012 page 044-045

April 24, 2011

day 012 . 23 April 2011 . page 044-045
low point. OTL
I have serious ups and downs these days when it comes to drawing.
...aaah how am I gonna make the deadline adfhödifjaödfsDx
whatever, I just need to keep on working. Focus. Focus. Focus. Right.
So here are my pathetic sketches from yesterday.

day 011 page 036-043

April 23, 2011

day 011 . 22 April 2011 . page 036-043
wohoo, managed to fill 8 pages yesterday! :D
... randomness strikes again, though.
and I suck at still life. 
I went outside for all those nature studies, but I only did very rough pencil sketches - most of them was added and worked out later in the evening. 

day 010 page 033-035

April 22, 2011

day 010 . 21 April 2011 . page 033-035
an obviously Death Note inspired sketch, some experiments based on page 025 and more 30 seconds drawings.