April 19, 2011

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Just updated all photos from the last posts because they were yellowish and worse than they already are.
It just... bothered me. A little. 
...So why am I writing a second post today again?
Oh right! It's my dearest Yu's 19th birthday !! <3 ❤
I wish you all the very best, honey ❤
You are - and always have been - a very precious friend to me and I'm so glad to know you!
Even though we're far apart, seldom get to see each other and often don't talk to each other in a while because we're both caught up in our lives, our friendship never faded nonetheless.
And that is something I really treasure :]
So here is just a small sketch for you today! I'm sorry for having nothing but a computer coloured sketch to offer, but I hope you like it even so ❤


...and just for fun: the original scan and my colour layer in PS xD 


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