day 008 page 025-030

April 20, 2011

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day 008 . 19 April 2011 . page 025-030
yesterday was a good day for sketching somehow. 
it was pretty fun :D
so here goes randomness again as well as a birthday sketch for my dearest Yu (coloured version to be found at yesterday's post).
somehow.. I kinda fail at drawing houses, street views and objects - or rather I need to practise and draw them more often. I focused so much on people in the past - and can't even get them right, buuut I'm improving. Little by little.
it was... late when I did yesterday's last three sketches. 
an experiment with facial layers that... failed. y'see. now it looks like a creepy faced tangerine.
then an idea that just crossed my mind: "what kind of face to wear today..."  
and... well. wtf is this last... something. 


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