day 017 page 062-065

April 29, 2011

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day 017 . 28 April 2011 . page 062-065
Yesterday was a real hardcore drawing/painting day with Donna. 
We almost had no break and... omg how can drawing/painting all the time be this tiring? When we awoke this morning we felt like all strength had left our bodies... We were so dead tired.
I'd say four sketchbook pages, two A4 drawings, one A4 painting and one A4 WiP sketch can be called a successful and productive day :D
Photos of said drawings and paintings are coming... tomorrow. Forgot to take those pictures and am too lazy right now :P
So, only sketches from my sketchbook!
I was mostly messing around, but... ya, that's what sketchbooks are for  ❤


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