10min portrait: day 031 grima wormtongue

January 31, 2012

almost done with all deadlines... a little more than 14h to go...
not enough concentration for today's portrait, doesn't look like wormtongue i know |D
but hey, i managed to paint daily portraits for one month now! :D

day 031
grima wormtongue (brad dourif) / acrylics / 10-15min

10min portrait: day 030 saruman

January 30, 2012

only two more days to go...

day 030
saruman (christopher lee) / acrylics / 10min
reference: yup

10min portrait: day 029 lord elrond

January 29, 2012

"I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by."
― Douglas Adams

day 029
lord elrond (hugo weaving) / acrylics / 10-15min
reference: blubb

10min portrait: day 028 treebeard

January 28, 2012

never realized that treebeard was spoken by john rhys-davies (gimli)!
so cool <3

day 028
treebeard / acrylics / 10-15min
reference: <3

10min portrait: day 027 éowyn

this post comes a little late, but i went straight to bed after i got home from uni yesterday haha.
see you later with today's painting in the evening :)

day 027
éowyn (miranda otto) / acrylics / 10-15min
reference: click

10min portrait: day 026 éomer

January 26, 2012

yesss, only four deadlines to go...

day 026
éomer (karl urban) / acrylics / 10min
reference: here

10min portrait: day 025 sauron

it's sauron! well, at least his eye. 
dedicated to jana ;D
and yes, this rather counts as 5min painting, seriously no time here these days.  
only one week to go starting from now and i'm freeeeeee.

day 025
sauron('s eye) / acrylics / 5min
reference: behold the eye

10min portrait: day 024 king théoden

January 24, 2012

asfsdkhköddfsdfhskftimewhereareyou?! D:

day 024
king théoden (bernard hill) / acrylics / 10min
reference: this here

10min portrait: day 023 lord denethor

January 23, 2012

i think it's going to be lotr characters for the rest of the month. 
it goes on and on and on~
there are just so many characters.
john noble was also one of nisi's ideas :D

day 023
lord denthor (john noble) / acrylics / 10-15min
reference: cheers

10min portrait: day 022 faramir

January 22, 2012

i seriously get the feeling that men are easier to paint, but women easier to draw.

day 022
faramir (david wenham) / acrylics / 10min
reference: :D

10min portrait: day 021 boromir

January 21, 2012

uhmm... no comment.

day 021
boromir (sean bean) / acrylics / 10min
reference: here

10min portrait: day 020 galadriel (again)

January 20, 2012

narf. ok, whatever. enough with the redos. tomorrow it's gonna be someone else.

day 020
galadriel (cate blanchett) / acrylics / 10-15min
reference: smile

10min portrait: day 019 arwen undomiel (again)

January 19, 2012

yesterday was such a failure that i just had to try again.
turned out better today, kinda hasty though...

day 019
arwen undomiel (liv tyler) / acrylics / 10min

10min portrait: day 018 arwen undomiel

January 18, 2012

oh what the heck. i'm definitely gonna redo galadriel and arwen someday... 
this looks like a child version of her - if it even resembles her.

day 018
arwen undomiel (liv tyler) / acrylics / rather 15min again...

10min portrait: day 017 galadriel

January 17, 2012

what the heck. women are so hard to paint D8
this here took longer than i wanted and it doesn't even look and feel like her!

day 017
galadriel (cate blanchett) / acrylics / ...ok rather 15min unlike the title OTL

10min portrait: day 016 legolas greenleaf (again)

January 16, 2012

legolas again just for my honey rainy because he wasn't pretty enough yesterday and the hair was missing haha.
i don't know how it happened but i've been painting close ups the last days - started out with bigger eyes and it resulted in only half enough space for chin and forehead... o_o"
anyway, i'm sorry, honey, if this legolas is still not good enough, there won't be another redo tomorrow. definitely not. have to move on ;P

day 016
legolas greenleaf (orlando bloom) / acrylics / 10-15min
reference: elf again

10min portrait: day 015 legolas greenleaf

January 15, 2012

it's gonna be a long night...

day 015
legolas greenleaf (orlando bloom) / acrylics / 10min
reference: elfy elf

10min portrait: day 014 aragorn

January 14, 2012

yay, i've been painting daily portraits for 2 weeks now! :D

day 014
aragorn (viggo mortensen) / acrylics / 10min
reference: here here here

10min portrait: day 013 gimli

January 13, 2012

grrrr.... i think gandalf was the easiest to paint so far. 

day 013
gimli (john rhys-davies) / acrylics / 10-15min
reference: dwarfy dwarf

10min portrait: day 012 gandalf the white

January 12, 2012

and so gandalf turned white :D

day 012
gandalf the white (ian mckellen) / acrylics / 10min

10min portrait: day 011 gandalf the grey

January 11, 2012

i have so much to do for uni, so many deadlines to meet in the next 2-3 weeks and i just panicked half an hour ago that i'd fail my daily painting project tonight lol.

day 011
gandalf the grey (ian mckellen) / acrylics / 10min
reference: wizardy wizard

10min portrait: day 010 samwise gamgee

January 10, 2012

ok this painting kinda failed OTL
doesn't look like him and i was already spending more time on it than i wanted. 
can't expect to success everyday. at least i got good feedback in photography classes today (first time not having to re-shoot anything - yay~ ❤)

day 010
samwise 'sam' gamgee (sean astin) / acrylics / 10-15min
reference: this is how he really looks like

10min portrait: day 009 meriadoc brandybuck

January 9, 2012

great surprise, no one would've guessed who'd come after pippin i know.

day 009
meriadoc 'merry' brandybuck (dominic monaghan) / acrylics / 10min
reference: here

10min portrait: day 008 peregrin took

January 8, 2012

asfshfdsfö... ok, time's cutting short.
and it definitely won't get better anytime soon.
but still more lord of the rings characters to come :D

day 008
peregrin 'pippin' took (billy boyd) / acrylics / 10min
reference: yay

10min portrait: day 007 bilbo baggins

January 7, 2012

phew, barely made it before midnight.
bilbo was easier to paint than frodo :D

day 007
bilbo baggins (ian holm) / acrylics / 8-10min
reference: bilbobob

10min portrait: day 006 frodo baggins

January 6, 2012

waah, it's getting later and later day by day... @_@
and instead of painting faster i'm getting a little bit slower ahahaa.
i'm going to paint various lord of the rings characters over the next few days.
thanks to dear iris for the idea! ❤
character suggestions are very welcome :)

day 006
frodo baggins (elijah wood) / acrylics / 10-15min
references: one and two

10min portrait: day 005 keira knightley

January 5, 2012

edit: ehrm, ok. this was fast. game's over. yino wins xD
but thanks for participating! ❤

let's play a game today. a guessing game, actually. 
whoever recognizes first who this actress here is supposed to be, can freely choose one of my so far painted 10min portraits and will get the original as a postcard sent to wherever you want it to go.
why am i doing this?
because i think i painted her kinda un-recognizable duh... u__u"
i do not dare tag her name before someone recognizes her haha...
and i love sending postcards :D
all these portraits have the perfect postcard size!
(and i'm wondering whether anyone would want one of these sketchy, simple and small paintings. it's nothing grand, i know, it's just for fun xD)
deadline for guessing is in one week - january 12th.
if no one guesses correctly or if there just isn't anyone interested in participating, i will post the name either way on january 13th and edit this post here.

day 005
keira knightley / acrylics / 10-15min each
..ya, had a little trouble painting her, so it took a little longer.
references: one, two, three and four

10min portrait: day 004 C-3PO

January 4, 2012

ahahaa... i fail. C-3PO was yino's idea (again) xD
 i'm going back to human faces tomorrow, definitely.
no time for more paintings today anyway, was busy with taking photos instead.

day 004
C-3PO / acrylics / ca. 10min each
references: no.001 and no.002

10min portrait: day 003 david garrett

January 3, 2012

portraits. again. who would've thought.
thanks so much to my dear friend steff for this great suggestion. 
if you don't know david garrett - check him out!
great violinist ❤

day 003
david garrett / acrylics / ca. 10min each

10min portrait: day 002 helena bonham carter

January 2, 2012

oh this is such fun!
even though i kinda failed today... helena bonham carter was pretty tricky and 10min not a lot of time.
nargasfds. need to practise practise practise ò_ó
 thank you so much, yino, for the suggestion ❤ 

day 002
helena bonham carter / acrylics / ca. 10min each

and tomorrow it's gonna be... 
david garrett!
any people suggestions anyone? tell meee~ :D

new year, new daily project! 10-min-portraits day 001 johnny depp

January 1, 2012

happy new year, best wishes and so on~ :D
i decided to do a new daily project that also leads to daily blogging again.
new year, new luck.
let's see how it works this time haha. 
last year, i managed to fill almost two sketchbooks in 62 days that resulted into 27 blog posts.
ehrm... the sketching worked way better than the blogging part.
this year i'm going to do little 10-minute-paintings (ca. din a6) of various people.
why? because i love doing portraits but still need a lot of practise. 
for starters, i'm always going to use some kind of reference.
so let's paint!

day 001
johnny depp / acrylics / 10min each
click it! it's hilarious xD

any suggestions who i should paint over the next few days?
feel free to tell me because i have no idea at all! :D
'cause i'm so bad at remembering and recognizing names and faces *cough*