10min portrait: day 005 keira knightley

January 5, 2012

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edit: ehrm, ok. this was fast. game's over. yino wins xD
but thanks for participating! ❤

let's play a game today. a guessing game, actually. 
whoever recognizes first who this actress here is supposed to be, can freely choose one of my so far painted 10min portraits and will get the original as a postcard sent to wherever you want it to go.
why am i doing this?
because i think i painted her kinda un-recognizable duh... u__u"
i do not dare tag her name before someone recognizes her haha...
and i love sending postcards :D
all these portraits have the perfect postcard size!
(and i'm wondering whether anyone would want one of these sketchy, simple and small paintings. it's nothing grand, i know, it's just for fun xD)
deadline for guessing is in one week - january 12th.
if no one guesses correctly or if there just isn't anyone interested in participating, i will post the name either way on january 13th and edit this post here.

day 005
keira knightley / acrylics / 10-15min each
..ya, had a little trouble painting her, so it took a little longer.
references: one, two, three and four


gespenstee said...

cate blanchett als Elisabeth? rechts unten?

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