new year, new daily project! 10-min-portraits day 001 johnny depp

January 1, 2012

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happy new year, best wishes and so on~ :D
i decided to do a new daily project that also leads to daily blogging again.
new year, new luck.
let's see how it works this time haha. 
last year, i managed to fill almost two sketchbooks in 62 days that resulted into 27 blog posts.
ehrm... the sketching worked way better than the blogging part.
this year i'm going to do little 10-minute-paintings (ca. din a6) of various people.
why? because i love doing portraits but still need a lot of practise. 
for starters, i'm always going to use some kind of reference.
so let's paint!

day 001
johnny depp / acrylics / 10min each
click it! it's hilarious xD

any suggestions who i should paint over the next few days?
feel free to tell me because i have no idea at all! :D
'cause i'm so bad at remembering and recognizing names and faces *cough*


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