at the zoo #1

September 28, 2012


First sketching session at the zoo! Finally!
More to come since I don't want to waste my annual ticket.

Leopard. Tiger. Takin. Meerkats.
Tiger again. And I forgot the name of that nocturnal animal.
Lions and fennecs.
watercolours, ballpoint pen

20 days of Tegaki E

September 4, 2012


Second daily project this year and more to come! I'm having a wonderful friend from Scotland over for a week, so no time for keeping my tegaki project up. I also missed a day during the last 20 and did a small memo instead ;D Enjoy, visit me on Tegaki E (if you can find me haha) and look me up on tumblr – I'm still not sure what to post where, everything's a little messed up and I intend on keeping it this way, I think… 

The whole point of this daily tegaki project was to finally warm myself to digital painting and I have to say… I'm starting to like digital painting, it's getting easier, even though I have a long way to go. Why Tegaki? I got so fed up with all my unfinished PSDs and Tegaki was basic enough for me. I missed the luxury of having pressure sensitivity and a colour picker of course, but couldn't be helped. Succesful daily project anyway, YAY!  

Uhm. Beware of horrible proportions. My next side project will probably be something like start learning and understanding human anatomy from scratch. And I should do something about my messed up categories. And a new blog layout would be nice for a change.