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June 17, 2011

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Ok.... I haven't been blogging at all lately. And now we gotta catch up on quite a few pages.
Beware my next post, it's gonna be super random.
But for now... 15 more or less neat sketches.
Oh, and I added a cool gadget to my blog! See those pretty Kois there in the sidebar? 

day 018 . 30 May 2011 . page 028-030
taking a walk :) 

day 019 . 31 May 2011 . page 031-035
Hikari no Densetsu inspired sketches (except for page 034 *cough*) - watched the whole anime again - it's been sooo long. Oh dearly beloved childhood memories. ❤

day 020 . 01 June 2011 . page 036

day 021 . 02 June 2011 . page 037-040
Pandaaaa ❤ 
and awesome Kvothe for my beloved Ou ❤

day 022-027 . 03-08 June 2011 . page 041-042
blank page due to laziness/busy-ness and crappy random page.


Rogue said...

I think it's very funny how after the dancing picture there's this strange creature face that looks like making a "Me Gusta" face XD

I love the drawings of the dancing ladies the most, there's a good flow in them and decent use of colors.

About the other drawings; it's good you're trying various things but I somehow get the impression that you look a lot at other people and force yourself into making what they do. Don't kow why I think that,but it's always best to stick to yourself! Good luck!

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