daily portrait 112 +statistics

August 23, 2012

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i'm going to skip the rest of my remaining daily portraits because it's a huge pile of junk. there are a few kinda-good ones left besides this one here, but… really not worth posting.

overall stats for my first daily project:
256 portraits / 194 days
01/01/2012 – 12/07/2012
consisting of
56 portraits / 14 days of Harry Potter
46 portraits / 46 days of Sherlock
37 portraits / 35 days of Lord of the Rings
25 portraits / 6 days of different actors (+ 1 musician + 1 fictional character)
92 portraits / 93 days of random people, friends, selfs, etc.
(…wait what. something missing here, can't remember skipping a day OTL oh whatever, who cares…)

well, i'm a little proud of myself, hehe :'3
i have photos of all 256 portraits spread out in our university's hallway since it was also my semester project for drawing classes – did make an good impression and it looks like such an crazy amount of portraits, when you have 7 extremely long fanfolds of portraits lying in front of you.
will post them as soon as i find them – that may take a while.

enough ranting for now, here is one of those remaining 92 portraits of "random people, friends, selfs, etc." and… it's a self portrait. kinda. it had my face in the mirror as a reference.

day 112
"self portrait" / ballpoint pens / 5min
reference: i + mirror = something like this

btw, i already started a new daily project last week – took about a month off because of first having no time at all anymore and then seriously needing a break from drawing for about a week, only to catch a serious cold for two weeks and spending the time wishing i would feel well enough to be able to draw again.
…i'm ranting again. so, see ya! 


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