WiP project: potatoes and self-portraits

December 27, 2011

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something i'm currently working on for uni - this is just the upper half of an din a2 sized sheet of paper. there's nothing more to show at the moment :D

i love doing self-portraits - i love doing portraits in general. but it's still really hard to draw portraits that actually resemble the portrayed person... gaaah need to practise. practise practise practise.
as for my pretty potato head... the proportions are even weirder in reality. i just fail at carving heads out of potatoes, wahahaa. 

hope you all had a merry christmas!
i'm gonna start blogging again, i think.
so... cheerio! see ya :D


vieräuglein said...

yaaaay, more blogging! :D
I haven't had the chance yet to tell you how wonderful I find your self-portraits (and yay for facial expressions XD )

and dude, I totally know that one problem where portraits don't resemble the portayed person, my moleskine consists of nothing else XD
But the two of us will change that! IN MAGICAL 2012 ;D

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